The MTS-C is a compact flexible machine tending cell designed to automatically load and unload CNC machines or similar processes unattended 24/7. Secondary processes such as inspection and part deburring can be incorporated into the robotic process. All models can be tailored to suit individual customer applications.

Multiple Configurations Available


Tray Loaded

Parts are presented to the robot in a tray form, the tray is accurately located within the robotic system. The robot picks from the tray and returns finished parts to the tray for removal. The robot can use optional vision package to orient and find non-symmetrical parts located within the tray.

  • typically for batch run processes

  • Ideal for batches up to 120 parts/hour



The robot picks parts off an adjustable accumulating infeed conveyor, providing 24/7 lights out machine tending and potential secondary operations such as inspection, deburring or cleaning. Once the part is finished it is dropped on an outfeed conveyor and flows out of the system

  • Ideal for high running parts

  • Can run unattended for hours, days or months

  • Easily stocked without stopping running robot or machine

  • Continuous operation


Rotary Index

Typically used for parts with longer cycle time, parts are loaded on a high accuracy indexer with up to 10 stations. The operator loads parts into each station and the MTS runs unattended until all stations are complete.

  • Compatible with standard 5 axis pallets or custom fixturing

  • Typically used for 5 axis CNC machine tending